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What is the best way to hire a market representative?

Last month Podsqueeze processed 50K minutes in English and only 1500 in Spanish or French. We want to start entering in these markets

My idea would be to bring someone in as the representative of a market and they would get a percentage (like 50%) of the profit that we are able to generate from that market. The role of this person would be marketing and sales (reaching out to agencies and podcasters, write content, etc…)

What do you think of this idea? Would it work or is it better to give a salary?

author Tiago Ferreira

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My point of view as freelancer and employee:

I think it’s hard for someone to jump ships without a guaranteed salary, because most people live salary by salary.

But, if you want a reallly good person for a given skill, there are ones who are so good that they don’t live salary by salary, but they are like 5% of the people available.

But if you want someone average or a bit above average, you will need to give them a salary for some stability when jumping ships. Average is more easy to find and requires less steps i guess

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I would not expect them to jump ship right away. It would be more in a part time basis. I guess what I want is to ‘hire’ and indie maker

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Good question! I’d prefer not to hire people and giving taks to freelancers instead (running a fully flexible solopreneur company).

So if you can find a freelancer for that that should be good. You can of course discuss different models.

Hiring people especially abroad can be very difficult to manage and might create too many dependencies.

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This might be possible for a decent VA - might be worth speaking to Lydia is it?

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Are there VAs with a regional expertise in podcasting? Do you want them to have an industry experience?

But I do agree that hiring is very complex.

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From the employer’s perspective, I would hire a freelancer unless I have a stable and predictable income where I can guarantee a consistent full-time position.

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I think the role is too high level and generic (marketing and sales). Sounds like you want someone to make decisions about strategy and execution. Those kind of people are expensive and will want salary AND commission.

If you can define it as specific tasks, then you can outsource each task differently, e.g. affiliate marketer can create blog posts, VAs can send cold emails and respond to replies, etc. Each is compensated differently.

writen by Marc LG

As far as I understand a VA does more concrete work right <@U02LGVB7YEA>? We are looking for someone that can also figure out what to do. Any thoughts Lydia Melvin?

writen by Tiago Ferreira

And yes, we are not looking to hire a full time employee

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I wanted some to make those decisions Marc LG so that I can avoid micro managing…

writen by Tiago Ferreira

I think that when we are early-stage, as founder, you are always hiring. Meaning that you should be open to always hire (and always fire) until you find who you need.

You could make use of LinkedIn and a other Slack groups to find such people. A one-on-one approach could be good.

The type of person you want to hire matters. Meaning that more than the skills of your future team member, the person’s personality (the person’s personal reality to work with the type of company you are building) is as important.

Yet, for the type of person you want to recruit, make sure the person can perfectly understand the new market you want to penetrate.

And lastly, for a start, have specific tasks and goals you want the recruit to work on and deliver. Focus on what moves the needle.

I hope this could help. All the best.

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Tiago Ferreira I agree with Marc LG, by defining the specific tasks it will be easier to describe the role and the person you are looking for. The great thing about VAs is that there are VAs out there who are skilled in whatever you’re looking for. VAs can be top line, traditional admin help but there are so many out there who have niched down to more specific tasks for example creative/tech tasks. Some VAs will sit down with you and help you review the bigger picture and understand what’s priority too, so you don’t HAVE to have everything in place, but it is easier to get started to have an idea of the tasks that you want to delegate. I think a VA could definitely help you out, you might just want to spend some more time finding a VA who is in this specific space. Let me know if you want to jump on a call to discuss more, happy to help! 🙌

writen by Lydia Melvin

Tiago Ferreira As someone with experience from the marketing rep side (10+ yrs). To attract the best talent, you need someone with experience. Someone with experience will already have a comfortable job with a base salary. You will not attract the best talent offering them a percentage share of earnings. If you are not offering a base salary you will be getting a young person with little/no experience who will fail many times and may never get results. You will need to offer a great talent incentives to want to leave their current position.

The most affordable way to do this is to hire someone experienced to conceptualize the marketing ‘plan’ which would entail strategy and execution. Then hire a cheap agency on Upwork to execute that plan. However you will need to manage them very carefully to ensure quality control.

You can’t hire someone cheaply to do a good job in marketing, the industry is full of scammers.

Also be aware that marketers are usually experts in one area, not all. So you would need to hire someone for paid ads, someone else for cold email outreach, someone else for influencer marketing, someone else for B2B high ticket sales etc You will not find 1 person who is an expert in all of these individual fields.

Also happy to offer my two cents if you want to have a chat/have follow up questions.

writen by Elle A

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