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Anyone know if there’s a legal way I can get a company to pay me money that is owed and refused to pay me?

author Andre Flores

8 Answers

Here in Germany you can do this via Court Services. Maybe there’s sth. like this in UK?

writen by Benedikt

They’d also entertain contract workers outside of the country?

writen by Andre Flores

Afaik yes

writen by Benedikt

EU definitely

writen by Benedikt

Oh nice, I’ll look if UK has something equivalent

writen by Andre Flores

maybe Marc LG or Matt Gale or Sam Cox can help

writen by Tiago Ferreira

Each country is different. In Canada we have small claims court for amounts under $10k. So you can sue them without needing a lawyer.

writen by Marc LG

UK has something similar to Canada (used to be known as the small claims court too) -

writen by Maxwell Davis

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