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Anyone making revenue from a blog-type website?

I’m looking for recommendations for ways to (better) monetize one:

I’ve had this website:

I had built it right after I finished my post-graduate, dumped all the assignments I wrote from my 2-year study there, connected it with Google Ads and forgot about it. It’s been sitting there idly since then.

I’ve recently checked its current analytics: 25K unique visitors last year. Received 291 backlinks organically.

It’s made very little amount from the ads so far ($650 in 2 years). Granted, the site has been on a steady decline in terms of traffic last year but I suspect that’s because I haven’t posted anything new on it in 2 years (since its launch), and that’s easily fixable.

Now my question is: I don’t know if it could make more from Google ads? or if there are other ways I can utilize to better monetize it? Would anyone have suggestions?

author Asli Kahraman

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interesting! if you use hrefs or another backlink tool, it’d be interesting to know who and why people are linking to you

once you know the who and why, that might give you a direction

writen by Matt Gale

hmm, good one, I’m checking the Google Analytics now, it seems most people came from CIFFA exam related searches:

writen by Asli Kahraman

I have never monitezed a blog before but I did monetize my podcast and I can tell you that sponsorships pay much more than ads. I would maybe try to target companies that are selling something in the same space as your content and sell them a monthly or yearly slot. Fed at GummySearch has some experience with that with hive index, maybe he can share some nice tips too

writen by Tiago Ferreira

Yup sponsorships or affiliates pay way more than google ads in my case. Downside is you need to hunt for those opportunities, but maybe it could be as easy as adding a visible link on the site to a sponsorship form.

writen by Fed at GummySearch

I see… how have you been arranging sponsorship deals Tiago Ferreira ? Do you hunt for them as Fed mentions or have they been coming to you?

writen by Asli Kahraman

Yup. I use my network or hunt them and try to pitch

writen by Tiago Ferreira

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