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As an entrepreneur do you have to provide a physical address where you live/operate?

If so do you use your home address or sth. else?

If you used your home address did you ever have issues related to it or are concerned about people spamming/visiting you?

author Benedikt

16 Answers

I provide my home address in the TOS. Never had issue with spamming. I am slightly concerned that an angry customer might visit me, although I try hard not to make them angry

writen by Philip

Actually when you whose my domains my address (or my old address) is there. But never had any issues

writen by Tiago Ferreira

Thanks for the detailed answer. I think that’s what we all try

writen by Benedikt

Yeah that’s sth. you can possibly avoid with namecheap. I didn’t have issues so far as well. There are (even a few relatively cheap) services you can use for providing an address so people don’t get your real address. But still without an MRR > 300 or so it still seems too expensive

writen by Benedikt

Haha I too thought the same but nothing happened for 2 years and I’m using my residential address

writen by Goutham J

I have established a company and have a virtual address that I rent for 150€ per month. Mainly that’s because I wanted to have clear separation of my private and public life. Financially, I don’t make enough money yet to cover my company’s costs.

writen by Aidas Bendoraitis

Same, I also give my residential address. No issues so far.

writen by Kavya

I can relate to that Aidas Bendoraitis. Although 150€ is a lot. Do they only provide the address or more perks?

writen by Benedikt

Address, receiving of post, and an administrative person who would speak to someone who would try to reach me (that’s required by law)

writen by Aidas Bendoraitis

Plus I can use their conference room for 1 hour (or maybe 2) every month, but I haven’t used that, because I don’t have such a need.

writen by Aidas Bendoraitis

Ah yeah the conference room probably adds a lot to the price

writen by Benedikt

Because just for impress you can have it (a lot) cheaper:

writen by Benedikt

These are not in Berlin. I was searching for a virtual office that I can reach physically. And also, I have an intention to grow my company in the future. Maybe even rent a physical office some day.

writen by Aidas Bendoraitis

I see

writen by Benedikt

I was worried about it only because I don’t want customers coming to the house. There’s no room for them and its ugly… Neither did I want them to look it up on Google maps. That’s why I was trying to build the Vanity Mail/ Brand mail. I even submitted it to try validating it on Kernal. Never got any traction and I just ended up getting a PO Box instead. I thought it would be a great accent to something like iPostal.

writen by LaLa Artica

Interesting. A PO Box wouldn’t be sufficient here. But there are quite a lot of services like iPostal around, already, as I found out the last days

writen by Benedikt

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