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Do you think I should create a twitter account for the wbe space?

What would be the benefits? 🤔

author Tiago Ferreira

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I wouldn’t follow it, I’d rather tag you

writen by Marc Lou

My 2 cents.

Although WBE it’s you right now, you never know the future. And a business that’s attached to you might be harder to sell if you decide that.

I would create it and use it, even if it is more work and has few benefits in the short term.

In the long term, I can see some benefits if this becomes bigger. Someone else can control communications. Not be dependent on your personal branding and opinions. There might be someone that doesn’t care about you but cares about the community.

writen by Nuno Tomás

yup that’s a great point Nuno Tomás and it becomes easier to talk about the space on twitter without having to share the link

writen by Tiago Ferreira

Agreed with Nuno Tomás Have to be careful to make good use of it or have someone manage it. I follow a lot of makers & their software twitters do nothing. Your twitter has personality & WBEspace deserves to also have personality not just a Storefront twitter. Luckily twitter is good about having a good way to switch back and forth between accounts. Someone short on time , it could be tricky. I tried to do it for each blog project and could not maintain it. And i’m getting ready to shut down my IG accounts except the 1 that works. Do try it if you have time, I sometimes like to include WBEspace in a tweet but feel it might be inappropriate because it is your personal twitter.

writen by LaLa Artica

Funnily enough, wbepodcast is not Tiago Ferreira’s personal account - before the interview with Arvid Kahl it didn’t have his name 😎

writen by Luise Haack

Haha that is true Luise Haack. I will hire you to write my biography some day XD

writen by Tiago Ferreira

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