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Hey folks, I’m looking for early user feedback for my productivity extension Focus Turtle: <

hl=en&authuser=0> also any feedback really. My next focus is building a landing page for this project.

author Justyna Ilczuk

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Hi Justyna Ilczuk 👋 Here is my feedback:

:rocket: I love the turtle graphic!

:thinking_face: It would be good to change ‘Get help from the focus turtle to focus.’ in the overview section to something that would answer ‘Why’ and ‘How’. Something like ‘Turtle will give you a friendly warning every time you open a new tab in focus mode.’

:thinking_face: On a very large screen, the config page is not centred

writen by Piotr Bryla

Also, the animation, when you get the warning, is a bit annoying for me I would rather have it as a static overlay.

writen by Piotr Bryla

I am using this daily to keep my focus I like the little timer on the extension icon, so I know for how long more I need to focus.

writen by Piotr Bryla

Thank you, Piotr! Good feedback, I’ve never done an animated icon in the extension, but it doesn’t seem too hard :).

writen by Justyna Ilczuk

Piotr, cool thing about the extension you shared is that it’s actually open source! Very nice.

writen by Justyna Ilczuk

Oh great! Good luck with the development! I know that the Google Chrome extension is an interesting platform to work with :)

writen by Piotr Bryla

Justyna Ilczuk This is super cute and i love the idea too! Maybe you could structure How it works part in bullet points? Makes it easier to read. If you need some further help with illustrations Kirill Rogovoy is making something really cool with it. He showed it to me yesterday

writen by Ida Radovanovic

Thanks for the feedback Ida Radovanovic

writen by Justyna Ilczuk

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