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Hey guys, curious to know if anyone has been using LinkedIn actively to get inbound traffic for their product ?

What has seemed to work in your case ?

author Goutham J

6 Answers

I’m curious too. Would follow this thread.

The only thing that worked for me was to post screenshot of MRR and got people curious, led to website visits + sales.

But that’s definitely not a good strategy

writen by Daniel Nguyen

Daniel Nguyen Have observed that too Daniel. Out of all my posts, those with images seemed to perform well with 50-60% more engagement

writen by Goutham J

I think Kavya has been using it so maybe she can help here. I have tried sending a lot of cold messages on linkedin but it did not work at all…

writen by Tiago Ferreira

Now that you mention that Daniel Nguyen I also think that the posts that work best for me on linkedin is sharing about my MRR or something that catches people curiosity. I also notice that when I meet someone from my Linkedin network in person they generally already know what I am up too.

writen by Tiago Ferreira

Tiago Ferreira Makes sense Tiago. I’ve never been able to crack what works over there

writen by Goutham J

Haha I think Goutham J has been more active than me there..

Yes, images certainly help.

But I haven’t been successful on LinkedIn in terms of driving visits to my website. But I have gotten a handful of followers there. I suppose at some point they’ll check out my website

writen by Kavya

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