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Hi. Do you know some app, which uses AI to generate tweet ideas, thread hooks, etc.?

Not TweetHunter please. Thanks

author Dobroslav Radosavljevič

9 Answers

I remember that Tiago Ferreira found one that creates new ones from an existing one

writen by Maxwell Davis

HypeFury? Are you looking for an API to do it or what?

writen by WBE User

Just inspiration :eyes::sweat_smile:

writen by Dobroslav Radosavljevič

tweet copilot too then

writen by WBE User

That was tweet hunter Maxwell Davis. We have a discount btw

writen by Tiago Ferreira

I have my own tool. Just want to look into competition, how they do it.

writen by Dobroslav Radosavljevič

Jakob Greenfeld is testing one here|, Please do not pass it along yet he validating it and getting feedback. It’s still VERY basic mvp but I had fun with it. no AI tho???

writen by LaLa Artica

DM him on twitter if you have Feedback for him

writen by LaLa Artica

If you download the Twemex chrome extension, you could go to people in your niche and see what their top tweets are. That should offer some good inspiration (but no AI unfortunately).

writen by Andrey Seas

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