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Hi people. So, how much do you care about exit pages in your analytics?

Is it something valuable for you? How can you use it properly? Screenshot from Pirsch Analytics

author Dobroslav Radosavljevič

8 Answers

Very important - it identifies where users get bored with your site. For blog articles it’s super useful to figure out which ones to prioritize to optimize content.

So according to this people go to your pricing page and leave - why? Is it too expensive, is it confusing? Would a special offer pop-up for a new viewer work? Now you have this data you can do things like A/B test different options and see whether the exits remain the same

writen by Maxwell Davis

Awesome! Thanks for info. And what about session duration of user on website and bounce rate?

writen by Dobroslav Radosavljevič

Session duration and bounce rate are important for SEO. To google a high bounce rate indicates that the content they suggested isn’t relevant for the user. Again it can help you figure out where you need to optimize content or pages.

There are instances where you might want a higher bounce rate like getting users to click an external link like a Gumroad page or an affiliate link so depends on your purpose.

writen by Maxwell Davis

Yeah. That makes sense

writen by Dobroslav Radosavljevič

Cool. Thank you so much

writen by Dobroslav Radosavljevič

Still, keep in mind: there are 2 types of exits:

  1. The user found what they were searching for
  2. They didn’t The analytics part is now figuring out which was what.

writen by Benedikt

Dobroslav Radosavljevič We all learned alot from this question, So keep em coming please! & Thank you Maxwell Davis Benedikt for the answers. I never would have known.

writen by LaLa Artica

Really cool question Dobroslav Radosavljevič. Also made me realise that SplitBee does not show session duration Maybe it’s time for me to switch to another analytics

writen by Tiago Ferreira

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