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I am looking for a new project to build in the AI space. It needs to be easily monetizable though 🤔 Im looking for something fun, fairly easy technically, and unique (not one of 100 avatar apps)

I just had this thought.

It’s almost Valentine’s day.

Send an anonymous, AI generated love letter to someone.

You’d need to give some info about the recipient, and about the sender. It could have some default funny options as well

A postcard API will print and deliver the letter.

Extra option: make it a postcard with AI generated image.

There are postcard APIs that are fairly easy. Of course, difficult thing is marketing.

? :thought_balloon:


author Jasper Schoormans

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I think it kind of defeats the purpose of valentine letters where one has to put some heart into it

writen by Tiago Ferreira

Maybe something with gpt? I have been also brain storming ideas around it

writen by Tiago Ferreira

Yeah, its really ridiculous to let a bot do your writing for you, I think thats funny as well though.

writen by Jasper Schoormans

What ideas were you thinking of?

writen by Jasper Schoormans

Content generation, summaries, etc…

writen by Tiago Ferreira

Ahah yes, it’s a bit controversial. But it could be a nice experiment to see if people need help to write this kind of letter or greetings in general.

Just keep the letter text editable.

What I find AI useful for is to get good drafts in seconds.

writen by Luca Restagno (ikoichi on Twitter)

Yeah, the valentines letter would be a sort of marketing gimmick as well, I’d like to add postcards for birthdays etc as well… I am playing around with the idea, its fairly easy to do

writen by Jasper Schoormans

If you want easier monetization, look for existing processes/workflows/jobs-to-be-done.

You can create solutions (supply), but you can’t generate the market (demand).

Don’t try to apply novel tools to novel (likely, non-existing) problems. Apply novel tools to old problems.

Also, look more at B2B, not B2C. B2C is so much trickier in terms of creating a stable revenue stream and finding a PMF.

(All IMHO, of course, but I’m open to a conversation)

writen by Kirill Rogovoy

I find that coming up with ideas for B2B is so hard, but it is arguably a much better route to take, agree with that. Thanks for the perspective… I am gonna be thinking about it for a bit The B2C things I have done been always meant a lot of marketing, people asking questions, etc. Only needing a few dozen business customers would be ideal…

writen by Jasper Schoormans

As a 1-2 people team, you can realistically manage up to a few hundred customers if you automate things well but want to give superb support.

Aim for ramen-profitability off your first 100 customers or less. Depending on your lifestyle and the profit margin, you’d usually aim for an average of $20-80/month/customer of pure revenue.

And this is not a lot to ask from businesses, especially in the West. Solving one non-mission-critical problem well and giving a lot of support is enough to ask that money.

Also, once you get the initial validation and know where to find your customers, 100 customers is just 500-1000 sale attempts (emails, calls, DMs, whatever). I hate doing sales and all that, but I also realize that a 2-people team can get it done in under a year along with slowly building up for SEO, content marketing, etc.

writen by Kirill Rogovoy

And please, keep us posted on your progress and/or thinking process

writen by Kirill Rogovoy

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