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if I have a tool that helps you find business class flights to book, if I write a few blog posts on my site about the best business class products, and get the necessary backlinks to those blog posts, is that enough to drive traffic to my site?

I have an SEO question, just want to confirm my understanding:

I found that the keyword best business class is relatively easy to rank for

Now the intent behind this search is that the person wants to find some high quality information about the best business class product, with the hopes of flying in business class

Does google downrank you if the content is basically an ad for your product?


author WBE Member

5 Answers

Basically if the intent is met and you’re not buying backlinks and doing keyword stuffing those articles are fine.

So yes you can do that and it will probably drive the traffic if your assumption about the intent is right. And you also need some volume for that keyword. And it might take a few months until you see traction

writen by Benedikt

Does the source of the backlink matter? For example, I heard PH has a good domain authority score, would that make sense here?

Thank you so much for the help!

writen by WBE Member

Yes. While almost every backlink counts (besides known shady or farm sites) the better the reputation of the linking site the better the backlink.

writen by Benedikt

Ah! Okay, so PH is good because it’s a legit website, but it doesn’t matter that it has nothing to do with travel?

writen by WBE Member

Travel pages definitely would help for the intent but for a quality backlink PH is definitely good

writen by Benedikt

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