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Any recommendations for cost-effective drip email software? [SOLVED]

I wanted to start sending out a series of 10 emails after a user has signed up. I was using Mailchimp for the welcome email automation - but it’s pretty expensive for more than 2 emails per user.

author Sanat Hegde

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Would love to hear Justin Allen and Tiago Ferreira opinion on this. Since they know about coding

writen by WBE Office

Try Sendinblue?

writen by Ankit CK

I did try it - for regular transactional emails - but had issues with the delivery rate. So stopped it.

I wanted something with the ability to do automations.

writen by Sanat Hegde

Do you like it?

writen by Sanat Hegde

Oh yes :fire::heart:

writen by Ankit CK

I would have more questions on the why of this? And if you think the costs for mail chimp are too much, a custom built solution is going to be more. Why do you need 10 emails!?!!!! If this was how much it took to convince a person to buy your product then you have other issues.

If mailchimp is going to eat too much profits, ask yourself if you are charging enough or is this email chain actually serving a purpose that can’t be served by having these as blog posts and send one email pointing to the blog post.

Sorry for the sort of rant style. I am crazy enough I would just build my own solution using my own email server, which is not more cost effective anyways.

writen by Justin Allen

I wanted to send out 10 emails - to users who’ve already signed up. As part of the onboarding, with some customization based on what they’ve done. 10 emails - is a number I’ve pulled out of the air really. I think if you hear from an app that you’ve signed up for 10 days - you’re likely to do key actions.

My challenge right now for| is signed users don’t create a job and then don’t share that job if they do create it. So I want to encourage them with welcome email.

I don’t want to create a custom solution at all - that does sound crazy Mailchimp is alright right now - but I’ve heard that it’s expensive when you scale. But you’re right about flipping the script, why do I think it would be expensive in the future? :shrug::skin-tone-4:

writen by Sanat Hegde

writen by Aleksandra Smelianska

I am using Mailerlite, I am not sure if it gets all of your job done but its free and very simple (this is it’s drawback too)

writen by Ida Radovanovic

I think that for that amount of emails you can use free tier

writen by Tiago Ferreira

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