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Is anyone here writing online or sharing updates on their progress consistently that would be interested in being an accountability buddy?

author Maimoona (Mei)

5 Answers

most of us subscribe to the build in public movement. We share a lot of our business here on the <#C02GF858HSR|build-in-public> channel or on twitter

writen by Tiago Ferreira

or you can also share what you are doing in the <#C02L60JEV3M|what-i-am-doing-today>. its cool because we have a streak bot that keeps track of our messages and there is a leader board too

writen by Tiago Ferreira

Oh thank you so much for this share, I just saw it now. Hugs!

writen by Ida Radovanovic

Maimoona (Mei) my cohort started, but I have some people who asked to do it in May, so I ll have a few ‘private’ start dates If you are interested message me

writen by Ida Radovanovic

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