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What do you use?

One of the things I find most frustrating is email

I have some emails with my own domains, set those up with gmail way back. I have more domains that need their own email address and it is very complicated…

I want to:

• make custom email addresses with multiple domains

• Have some sort of API to send emails.

◦ Ideally have some editor or something, now I write the email in my code, not ideal.

author Jasper Schoormans

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Hey Jasper.

For the first part, I’ve found| to be really helpful to set up multiple aliases (with different domain names) for a single mailbox

Are you looking for a simple editor to compose email & send to multiple recipients or you’re trying to do it with your backend flows?

writen by Goutham J

Thanks Goutham, I’ll have a look at Zoho! Ideally it would be like an API where I send some data (name, recipient, etc), fills those in in a pre-made template. I think the editor doesnt need to be connected to the email API of course. if i can upload an HTML template, I could make the email design somewhere else as well

writen by Jasper Schoormans

I’m in a similar boat as you Jasper Schoormans, I’m still writing html and using templates to send emails using SMTP… not scalable! I have been told by people to try either SendGrid or Postmark, which I will try out in due course.

writen by Sam Cox

Yeah we should step up our game Sam SendGrid seems to be free for 100 emails a month! Worth a try

writen by Jasper Schoormans

Shameless plug: I’m currently working on a product to send emails directly to SaaS customers| & trying to get feedback with the MVP launch in a week. Let me know if that’s useful for you guys Sam Cox Jasper Schoormans

writen by Goutham J

Sure Goutham J I’ll take a look at it when you’re ready for MVP launch - the landing page looks good and conveys the info I need.

The first thing that jumps to mind is sender reputation (might not be the right name). Part of the benefit of paying for email delivery would be that you should be more likely to get to inbox instead of junk due to a good sender reputation; is that something you’ll be considering?

writen by Sam Cox

I’d definitely want to try it out Goutham J

writen by Jasper Schoormans

Mailgun and AWS work well for me for transactional emails. Google Workspace for mailboxes. Having your own mailserver is annoying because a lot of it is going to spam.

writen by Ruben

Sam Cox Absolutely Sam. Deliverability is the primary focus of this product as this was personally from a frustration of emails landing in promotions despite the email content following best practices. It turned out that existing email providers have a shared IP pool where one bad actor spoils deliverability for the others & you’d have to pay a lot separately for dedicated IP. With|, all of this is handled out of the box as it’s relying on AWS infra 😊

writen by Goutham J

Jasper Schoormans Thank you Jasper 🙌 Will shoot you a message once it’s live 😊

writen by Goutham J

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