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SEO: any ideas why blog entries don’t get shown with a description on Google search results?

Yoast marks the description as ok and it’s in the source. But google shows no description at all (sometimes it picks it itself).

The site (WordPress) is configured with everything necessary and the search console doesn’t show any issues.

FYI Roberto Robles

author Benedikt

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Are the header and meta data tags set correctly?

writen by Maxwell Davis

Yes. But it seems google doesn’t have enough information about the page itself

writen by Benedikt

A few other things I can think of:

• If a recent update maybe it’s just time to propagate • Publish status of the blog post • Is there a sitemap to crawl the site? You can manually ask Google console to crawl again right - might fix it with a request?

writen by Maxwell Davis

Maybe could help to reindex content faster? I use it, but not sure how effectively.

writen by Aidas Bendoraitis

Not exactly what you asked for, but nevertheless. :)

writen by Aidas Bendoraitis

Yeah, sitemap exists and the posts are from last year. Have to check the the index date. Maybe just update some to test

writen by Benedikt

Didn’t know pingler. Will give it a try

writen by Benedikt

If the meta description is not relevant to the search query, or if it’s too long/short, then Google may decide not to show it. Also, Google may not have crawled the meta description. Try doing a URL inspection on Google Search Console and request a recrawl.

writen by Roberto Robles

Thx Roberto Robles. That’s a good idea. I’ll try optimizing the description and requesting a recrawl.

writen by Benedikt

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