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Sunday thought going into Monday - How did you find your first mentor?

I’m currently going through the process and it’s been fairly tough.

author Lucas Hazan

5 Answers

Mine was through work. I thought about someone that I aspire to be and just asked them.

writen by Maxwell Davis

Maxwell Davis how’d you go about asking? i presume there was clear rapport prior to asking

writen by Lucas Hazan

In my case it was a subject matter expert and I was learning in that area so yes

writen by Maxwell Davis

Mine was also through work. I did not asking per se but I while I was applying for his startup (being him the CEO) and told him I would like to have regular meetings with him to learn more about the business side of thigns

writen by Tiago Ferreira

Since then I had many mentors. A lot of them I have met here in the community and I have regular chats with them

writen by Tiago Ferreira

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