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What features do you miss on Twitter, that could be implemented with twitter tool?

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I want to know who unfollowed so i can also unfollow

writen by LaLa Artica

Already on my To-do list, but it’s not that easy to implement, because I need to keep track of every follower. That’s the problem with big accounts and Twitter API Limits 😊

writen by WBE User

To be more precise I follow new members of WBE and then when they turn from the community they Unfollow us and I also like Waze want to Unfollow them so those wouldn’t be big accounts I would think is there a way to make it more specific to just us?

writen by LaLa Artica

Sorry Siri doesn’t get me at

writen by LaLa Artica

I have a question here (we had the topic before): why do you care about unfollows? To me it’s a waste of time. People will have their reasons. So I just ignore it

writen by Benedikt

I had 1500 i was following from saas founders and their products. It’s a game of follow for follow Then later they un follow you

Also several people who have crossed thru WBEspace i followed to support their projects and when they left us they also unfollowed us. So it just was a way to determine who was genuine and who wasn’t. It took so long to scroll thru but I eliminated 1000 people who were just playing around. Many of whom provided no value to my feed.

writen by LaLa Artica

Ok I see. Getting rid of the non genuine people seems to be a good idea in principle. This follow for follow game is quite tricky. And I wasn’t aware of wbe members leaving and unfollowing. From time to time skimming through the following seems to be unavoidable from that point of view. Although I’m still not sure if that’s worth the trouble (as in time taken).

writen by Benedikt Can track this. I decided to not implement this feature in the near future 😊

writen by WBE User

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