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Where do you publish your articles about indie hacking?

I currently made this list:

• IH

• Subreddits

• HN

• Product Hunt

What else?

author Luca Restagno (ikoichi on Twitter)

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Your own blog?

writen by Luise Haack

I was wondering the other day if TechCrunch was a community forum, but I didn’t have a minute yet to go back and see.

writen by LaLa Artica

Thats mostly it for me. Sometimes| too

writen by Tiago Ferreira

Twitter? :sweat_smile::joy:

writen by Benedikt

I bothered Twitter enough with my prelaunch of Inboxs

writen by Luca Restagno (ikoichi on Twitter)

posted also to two subreddits, SaaS and indiehackers

writen by Luca Restagno (ikoichi on Twitter)

Ditched IH

  1. HN
  2. Reddit
  3.| if programming-related (loosely)
  4. Newsletter

writen by Kirill Rogovoy

why did you ditch IH Kirill Rogovoy?

writen by Luca Restagno (ikoichi on Twitter)

The last several times I hung out there, it felt more like a self-promo platform than a forum. Too much noise, too much low-quality content.

Maybe it’s just wrong expectations. But I ditched it and nothing bad happened, so… 😊

writen by Kirill Rogovoy

that makes sense. it will not make a difference to me as well if I don’t publish. but the main goal is to get more visibility

writen by Luca Restagno (ikoichi on Twitter)

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