November 24, 2021

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Author(s): Tiago, Max


Target Users: Mostly tech and bootstrapping related users

Community Tips and Tricks

  • You can gain followers who if you launch will receive a notification that you’ve launched a product - which means gaining followers could give you a boost
  • Supporting and helping members of the Product Hunt community will help to gain you standing within the PH community as well as help you gain new followers
  • The Product page only features the “Featured” products unless you click “View All Products”.
  • Most of the PH community use Twitter for their sign up and so often have their handles on their PH profiles
  • Supporting products early might get you access to Beta testing and/or early pricing schemes for new products - including grandfathering of pricing for the long term.
  • You can save products for later uses using the “collections” feature - you can setup your own ones.

Launching Tips and Tricks

  • Start making friends and getting feedback months before the launch date.
  • You can feature your product early using “Ship” pages.
  • Your product starts on the “Newest” page and your goal is to have enough engagement to move it to the “Featured” page. That way you will have a much higher exposure
  • Have already an audience that can boost your post by giving early upvotes.
  • Schedule your launch and maximize the time that your launch will be visible. Just after midnight SAN FRANCISCO TIME.
  • Aim for at least 30 upvotes in the first hour after launch, this will get you in the top 5 for the day almost guaranteed since the top spots continue to get the most attention and therefore upvotes as the day goes on.
  • Instead of asking for upvotes directly merely share your tweet or PH page and request support. Most people understand what that means 😉. Comments are even better than upvotes!
  • Make sure to wait enough time (roughly 6 months) between a launch and a re-launch
  • If you have any questions use the customer support chat functionality
  • Your preview images and landing page matter a lot. Put the effort in to make them beautiful.
  • Getting a hunter is nice but optional. Having friends online is the most important thing.

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