November 25, 2021

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Author(s): Tiago


Reddit is probably one of the biggest internet forums out there and a great asset for bootstrappers.

How can bootstrappers use Reddit?

1- Social Listening

Dig deep into your community and learn what are their problems, jokes and buzz words. Find a subreddit related to your topic and start browsing.
Some subreddits for bootstrapping are: /r/Entrepreneur/, /r/startup/, /r/EntrepreneurRideAlong/

You can also test your ideas even before start building them.

2- Product Launch

Reddit is a great platform to get your first users. Just find the subreddits where your target users hang out and make a good and well written post sharing your idea. Be aware that Reddit can be “brutal” you might be kicked out for spamming and get some nasty comments (if you do, it is completely fine! We have all been there XD)

Tips for a Successful Post

  • Use this tool to find what is the best time to post
  • Check out the top posts of the month and replicate their tone and presentation to fit the subreddit.